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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a beautiful friday around here. if you can make a long weekend and got today off you scored big. weather-wise. couple of how clouds off to the south. that's it. clear skies though with dry air. lighter winds. that's allowing. thes to cool into the lower 40s in frederick at 42. winchester 41. martinsburg 42. even manassas and la plata in the mid 40s. but today these high temperatures bottle them up and keep them around. temperatures in the mid 70s. 6:00 a.m. monika samtani a good looking friday weather-wise. thank goodness we have that going for us because we've had very busy morning from the traffic and we've set up this map for you telling you about the water main break for a good hour or so in rosslyn. and i got my phone in my hand because i've been texting with metro pio, public information officer dan and he tells me within the last 60 seconds actually an update. it sound like streets are starting to reopen now. north moore street just reopened. and fort meyer drive is
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expected to reopen shortly. it was in and around this area around metro rosslyn metro station remains open. you may find some street closure, around the metro which means you will have to walk to a different entrance but again things are beginning to improve. the break for the last hour or so was affecting roads in rosslyn. we of course are keeping you posted and i'm texting with dan to keep you posted on the situation. outside live in rosslyn and again things look pretty good here at lee highway and lynn street. i'm going to step out and show you a live picture out in bowie and this is from our sky 9. this accident happened overnight. three cars very serious accident. on route 197 at route 50. work continues here you want to use route 3 as the alternate route. again route 197 north of route 50 serious overnight accident with investigation and clean-up continuing. coming up in my next report, an update once again at 6:11. back to you guys.
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thank you. today the g-8 economic summit gets underway at camp david, maryland. >> it is indeed. protestors are expected by the thousands and they're being sent to baker park in frederick. that's where delia goncalves is live this morning. checking on how they're moving in. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning mike. you know police are sure hoping that the protestors will stay here at baker park because this is the only area where they're permitted to rally in town. and as you think see now that the sun has come out that's a fairly large park and police are hoping there will be plenty of room here for the thousands of protestors who are expected to be here in town. the g-8 summit is being held 20 miles away and the two parks closest to camp david have been closed to the public. the neighboring towns are bracing themselves for huge crowds and police are getting extra help from eight different police agencies throughout maryland including some from some of the local universities.
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but getting to this day has not been easy. >> most cities that get notified about an event lightning this get two years planning time. we've had actually eight weeks. it's really, really been a hard assignment. a tough assignment. this is unlike anything we've ever seen in frederick county. >> it is a lot of protestors down here. and you know you just don't know who's who. >> we do have plywood in case we get a broken window. >> reporter: well, listen to that that's from some business owners who are actually bracing themselves for potential violence from some of these protestors. however, there's no indication that there will be any outbreaks of violence or any riots of any kind but they are bracing themselves for the worst. some trash cans have been chained down because some fear they could be potential weapons if things get out of hand. but some say it's probably a good thing that the summit is coming to the area. how the summit could be good
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for the economic condition here in town. mike, back to you. >> that's right delia. some of them hoping to make a lot of sales. okay, now, the g-8 summit obviously this is something that happens on a regular basis. jessica doyle joins us now to tell us what's actually going to happen at camp david this weekend. >> what we're looking at is really the mini version of camp david every single year. we have a lot of international leaders gathering and countries meeting there include canada, france, germany, italy, japan, russia, the uk of course the united states is hosting. also representatives of the european commission. all of the long-term development projects, those are off the table for this one. short-term problems are the focus like how to solve the immediate problem of the european financial crisis. >> when they all get together there's somebody new at the table this time. >> we have the new president of france. his name is francois hollande. talk about the circumstances --
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>> totally different right? because he's a socialist. >> they're basically like hi, nice to meet you. we need you to abandon your campaign promises. that got you elected. g-8 leaders are expected to pressure hollande to reconsider the austerity measures he ran for in france. maybe some arm twisting with holland and angela merkel. he is prostimulus, prospending, government spending money. not a lot of it to go around right now but that's what he wants to do. she's actually calling the shots on austerity measures to get the debt crisis under control. really two different sides. >> we have a new french president and it's ann election year in the united states. is anybody going to commit to major changes? >> i would say expectations are very low mike. the white house doesn't have a lot of fresh money to throw at the problem. europe has a lot of problems here. but at least the discussions are starting yet again. they're starting from ground
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zero but they're starting and the white house of course can be a mediator between america merkel and hollande. harry thomas jr. has about one more month before he has to report to prison. our bruce johnson reports thomas will serve his time in the federal prison camp in montgomery, alabama. and thomas must report there by june 20th. he resigned from office and then pleaded guilty to corruption charges. he admitted to stealing $350,000 in city money meant for youth programs. there is a way to make someone else take the blame if you get a red light or speed camera ticket in the district. but maybe not for long. a d.c. council committee wants to get rid of the blame game. right now the someone else was using your car and got caught, you can provide the city with their name and address. shifting the liability. city leaders say it's too often
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used to delay the collection process and it needs to end. it wasn't me. >> yeah. 6:06. we have a commuter alert a heads-up for metro this weekend. changes and it will affect how quickly you can get places, at 10:00 tonight there will be in service on the orange line between east falls church and west fall church in virginia. and it is going to last through sunday night. now shuttle buss will get you around this closure but add 20 minutes to your travel time to get there on time. now to the green line trains are going to be singing tracking between greenbelt and prince george's county plaza. only add 10 to 15 minutes to get through that. and because of the work the yellow line trains will terminate at mount vernon square. single tracking on the red line, expect delays between takoma and forest glenn. tack on 20 minutes for that situation. watch out for extra people on two wheels today. if you're driving to work. it is annual bike to workday.
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you're encouraged to ditch the car and last year one-third of the people was bike commuters. there will be dozens of pit stops set up to grab a drink and even win some prizes. howard says we couldn't ask for better weather to ride or bike to work today. your weather first is coming up next. >> and in five minutes back live to joint based andrews. a preview of this weekend's huge joint service open house and air show. we'll be right back. >> but first we remember the queen of disco. donna summer died yesterday after a fight against lung cancer. she was 63. the boston native won five grammy's for her songs during the disco era. her hits and this one "last dance." she performed this song in 2009 at the nobel peace prize concert in honor of president obama. the president issued a statement yesterday calling her a legend saying her voice was unforgettable. ♪
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it's chilly out there this morning. we've got 40s and 50s and many of you will need a jacket early but another beautiful days by noon low 70s and northeast winds at about 10, 10 to 15 at times and an afternoon high in the mid 70s. full weekend forecast coming up
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in just a moment. thank you so much howard. we're going to take a live look at this early morning serious accident that happened in bowie on route 197 north of route 50. you can see one of the vehicles has now been loaded on to a tow truck and they are making some progress here but lanes remain closed. you want to use route 3 with the accident investigation continuing as well. coming up in my next report, the very latest as well on a water main break in rosslyn at 6:18. back to you guys. see you then monika. today is is a big preview day at joint service open house at joint based andrews in maryland. the big show is open to the public tomorrow. >> joinings us for a little preview right now is airman first class sam burkhart. he is with public affairs there at joint based andrews, airman, thank you very much for being here with us, we heard a little bit today about what's happening but talk about the opening day for the public. what's the big draw? >> absolutely. thank for having me. the big draw obviously is going
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to be the blue angels. they're the closing act but it's way more than that. there's the army parachute team. the golden knights, we're going to have the marine corps team and also war birds from world war ii, military planes from all over the country and all services and it's going to be a great show. >> can this be an educational trip for kids? aside from the wow factor of the big jets flying over, what can they learn as they head out? they can actually go inside some of the aircraft right? >> yes, some of the aircraft you can just walk up and touch. some of them actually have places where you can walk into, sit down in the seats and take a look at the inside. it is definitely an educational experience the children or teenagers or even the young at heart are interested in planes want to come out and take a look at the aircraft. >> airman we know the weather is going to be great and probably expect more than the 130,000 that showed up last year. are there any dos or don'ts as they prepare to go out for the
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open house that people node to know about? absolutely generally -- >> absolutely. generally, try to avoid any large bags outside drinks. and obviously no firearms or explosives. but you can find the entire list of prohibited items and allowed items on the website at or go to the facebook page, andrews air show. >> airman first class, dan burkhart, thank you for joining us this morning. have a great show and we know it's going to be spectacular. take care. >> thanks for having me. just a reminder today though, is only for dod card holders and school groups who are going out there on class trips, tomorrow and sunday everyone is invited. the gates open at 8:00 each morning and they close at 5:00 in the afternoon and you need to park at either branch avenue metro station or fedex field. you'll have free shuttles in both locations to get you there. >> the show is free itself. a crowd of people going and
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great weather to look up into the sky and show their support for the military and some fantastic aerial shows. >> don't forget the sun careen and wide brimmed hats. a lot of sunburns. this sort of weather -- >> you can bring a chair so you can sit up and look. >> i understand. >> you can turn into a lobster really. >> careful. >> weather wise hey it's a beautiful morning out there. just a little bit on the crisp side with temperatures in some spots in the low 40s. your bus stop forecast a jacket or sweatshirt even early but it's going to be great. something you can peel off with temperatures this morning 40 x 50s. sun came up about 20 minutes ago and sets close to 8:15 now. day planner, well we're looking at sunshine all day. lower 60s here. 63-degrees by 9:00. by 11:00 almost 70. low 70s to mid 70s. as we head to the early afternoon. so a great day to have lunch outside. northeast winds running around 10 miles an hour there at 1:00 and even at 5:00 northeast to easterly winds. temperatures 74.
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our high today expected about 76. that will happen probably for 5:00 this afternoon. 46 in gaithersburg. although frederick 42. it's 50 across the bay and easton. it's 51 fredericksburg. charlie was down to 44 with 41 in win chest they are morning and locally we've got the shell up in northern loudoun county. 42 for lovettsville. it's 50 rockville this morning and even baden and fort belvoir into the 40 oz.. on the michael & son weather camera. sunshine on the white house this morning. it's a beauty out there. 55 a few high clouds. and a northeast wind at 6 miles an hour. our barometer is rising we've got high pressure centered up near syracuse, new york. that's giving us a north and northeast flow with the drier air. also keeping at least for the next couple of days these showers down in the carolinas. and also coastal georgia. well, that area of low pressure looks like it's going to try to move up the coast and then might get pushed our way late in the weekend. more likely early next week. today we're looking good.
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and to tonight clear we'll be back down in the 40s in paw spots but mainly 50s of night. saturday morning, quiet again so a nice sunny saturday. preakness is tomorrow as well. weather looks great for that along with the air show. going to be in annapolis i think for some of the lacrosse games going on. college lacrosse there. the playoffs. should be fantastic for that. but by sunday here we go into the afternoon hours, this is the on shore flow. these showers in the southern delmarva they could be up here maybe by the bay bridge. here's a look at the forecast it looks great today. tomorrow. temperatures mid- to upper 70s. maybe around 80 on sunday. could be a few more clouds even a shower late sunday. preakness post time 6:05. 79 degrees with sunny skies. going out to see it at pimlico, don't potential the sunscreen -- forget the sunscreen and big brimmed hat as well. by monday 70s with a few showers and a chance of showers
6:18 am
tuesday, wednesday and thursday. monika now 6:17. i duoactually. i have some good news and want to tell you the water main break happened after midnight. it was a 16-inch water main break at a construction site in rosslyn at 1812 north moore street. we've been on the phones all morning long with dustin sternbeck of arlington county police. latest information is that all lanes have been reopened with the exception of fort meyer drive between 19th street and north moore street. right near the rosslyn metro station where two lanes remain closed so you can get through there. but you will expect to find some lower than normal traffic in the area. so they are making progress i'm happy to say in and around the rosslyn metro area and the metro is open. use that, no issues to report at the rosslyn metro station. so that's your very latest on that situation. let's go over to our maps. there was a very serious accident that happened in the 3:00 hour in bowie. on route 197 north of route 50.
6:19 am
i'm going to step out and show you what it looks live look right now from the sky 9. it was a three car accident one of those vehicles is now being taken away but that investigation and clean-up will continue so i would suggest that you go ahead and use route 3 as the alternate route. route 197 remains locked as you can see north of route 50 in bowie with a serious early morning accident. to the beltway north of town. some good news. the beltway looks great here at new hampshire avenue just a bit slow approaching silver spring on the outer loop. coming up in my next report, another update at 6:25. back to you guys. thank you monika. 6 there's 19. next in sports it's the capital city versus the charm city. time for the battle of the beltway. >> boy a good one this year because both teams are great. before that let's check on the question of the morning this morning, it is -- today for your friday --
6:20 am
>> facebook friend mark wrote this on our timeline, it's -- >> i'll keep my mouth shut. keep the guesses coming. we'll have the correct answer at 6:48. we'll be right back.
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welcome back 6:23. your weather first and it's a crisp morning out there. some areas down in the low 40s like in frederick and winchester but a gorgeous day ahead. by noon 71. we'll have highs mainly in the mid 70s with lots of sunshine today and a northeast wind at 5 to 10. mike and andrea. thank you howard. in sports battle of the beltways resumes tonight. the nationals hosting the orioles. >> and since this competition began in 2006 this is the best these two teams have ever been. baltimore in first place. the nats just a half game out of first place in their division. >> wow. d.c. hosting pittsburgh last
6:24 am
night. andrew mccutchen was going to get a personal escort to the airport last night. we want him out of here. he is killing the nats' pitchers. a pair of home runs last night against zimmerman. a blast in the 6th made it 4-0. took a no-hitter into the 6th. flores had a double in the 6th. still the nats fall 5-3. how about a little nba playoff action? indiana pacers now have two games to one lead over the miami heat and were supposed to win all of this thing. former georgetown hoya roy hibbert huge night. pacer win. in the late game the spurs top the clippers. in about 36 hours it's the second leg of horse racing's triple crown. the 137th preakness stakes at pimlico in baltimore. the favorite is bodemeister, the horse is from virginia. he was the favorite at the kentucky derby but that race went to i'll have another and that horse's owner is basking in the spotlight.
6:25 am
>> the preakness is you know, something look forward i to every year and that is -- to every year and this is their big event. it's just been fun when you heard of i'll have another? he won the derby right? it's fun to share the fun we've had with other people. >> posttime tomorrow evening is 6:05. >> a lot of fun. right now 6:25. still ahead some more bad luck for a supreme court justice. >> the big facebook ipo is today. can the social network last with all the decisions -- with the decisions it's made? we'll take a look. >> before you grab the keys listen tomenta with a check of the morning commute. >> on the southbound side of i- 270 after falls road just getting word of addibled truck in the roadway. -- a disabled truck in the roadway. watch out for that. police are on the way. coming up in my next report, an update on a couple of situations in our area in a few
6:26 am
minutes. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back and happy friday. this is the place you can always get your weather first. a live look this morning at joint based andrews. big event there this weekend. that right there is a c 47 getting ready for this weekend's open house. sunny skies and 60 degrees there right now. >> and good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. we're happy you're here, meteorologist howard bernstein live on the weather terrace, good morning howard. >> that was a pretty picture
6:30 am
one of thousands maybe millions that will be taken this weekend across the region. we've got some fine weather for the next several days around here. hey who's going -- what's going on with the day planner. sunshine on the white house this morning and on all of the region actually. 55 degrees currently with some high clouds. although you're seeing them to the south not here in northwest. 71 by noon and by 5:00 74 your high today between 74 and 78. 75. 76 for d.c.. high clouds as i said off to the south you can see them on the satellite and radar, not too much going on actually a very quiet morning. although chilly too. look at martinsburg and frederick in the low 40s along with winchester. 55 going up about 20 from here a great day ahead. i'll have your weekend forecast in a few. right now monika has timesaver traffic. well i'm happy to say that an update on that water main break in rosslyn means that most of your lanes have been reopened. we've been on the phones working the phones with arlington county police and with metro officials and they
6:31 am
tell us that for the most part, lanes have been reopened with the exception of fort meyer drive between 19th street and north moore. only two lanes are blocked there. expect to find some delays a little slower than normal in the area the rosslyn metro station is open. let's go over to the graphics i want to update you as well on a serious accident that happened in bowie this morning. in the 3:00 hour on route 197, north of route 50. now the northbound side of 197 has been reopened. southbound remains closed with that clean-up and investigation. so you might just want to go ahead and use route # as the alternate route. route 50 is not affected any as you head in from bowie to the beltway. outside live right now, if you're planning to head over here on the southbound side of 270 just step out a few brake lights past route 109 but i checked out the cameras. a little further south. it looks great in jermantown and in rockville i'm happy so say. a last live look in springfield. northbound i-95 this is
6:32 am
actually better than normal i'd sayment coming up in my next report, another look at area roads. mike? thanks monika. police in florida say the encounter between trayvon martin and george zimmerman was avoidable. of course that encounter ended with semierman shooting martin dead. >> a lot of documents being now made public in the case. our partners at "cbs this morning" will have a look at them. erica hill has a preview that live from new york. >> good morning to the both of you. that's right close to 200 pains of documents, photos and audio recordings we're going through tall new evidence which has just been released in the shooting death of trayvon martin. with us this morning is the lawyer for suspect george zimmerman. we'll talk to him about the case against his client and as you mentioned, these assertions by some that all of this could have been avoided. plus, tsunami debris now covers the area three times the size of the continental u.s.. the senate held a hearing yesterday on all that trash which is making its way to the west coast. we're going to try to get some answers here on the true risk and just how it will be all
6:33 am
cleaned up. that's ahead at 7:00 and by the happy friday and happy weekend. >> same to you. erica. enjoy it. okay. while you slept, the prime minister of italy arrived at joint based andrews. he is here to take part in the g-8 summit which gets underway at camp david. >> that summit will have an impact on the daily lives of people in frederick county, maryland. delia goncalves is live in frederick right frau with a look at that. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning, you can see a few folks out this morning walking their dogs and jogging and they're taking a close look at the live trucks and the media parks outside here and you can see the fear in their eyes. they are now sharing their quiet town with not only us but thousands of protestors many who will be rallying here at baker park. in town. the g-8 summit at camp david is about 20 miles away and that's away from town. but residents and police here locally are expecting major crowds. now while some business owners have shut down for fear of
6:34 am
unruly protestors, possibly damaging their property, others are not only staying open, they're hoping to do more business because of the extra foot traffic. some restaurant get this have even added new g-8 inspired menu items. >> which is a blending of all of the flavors of the countries that are included in the g-8. >> we've named our cottages and motel rooms after different presidents. >> it's a very important summit and i think it's frederick's time to shine. to show people that we can do this. >> reporter: well, there's a positive spin on it. we can do this. and police are hoping they can do this peacefully. so you can expect a whole lot more police on the streets. keeping the peace and in fact, they're getting help for the first time from eight different maryland agencies including some police officers from the university of maryland and morgan state university and baltimore. also an update on schools,
6:35 am
they're closed for the day. all day friday. and fortunately the route 77 heading into town will be shut down from 9:00 this morning until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. mike back to you. >> thanks delia. she's live at baker park in frederick. maryland this morning. now the government is definitely prepared for all of this. in fact, there's a nonemergency information line set up now. that number (301)600-3000. the county also has a website. a facebook page ashes twitter page with -- a twitter page, with all the things you need to know. we have aliening to the sites on our website -- a link to the sites on our website. go to new this morning on 9news now, d.c. may no longer be chocolate city. new data out from the census bureau shows the black population of the district is below 50%. it's the first time that's happened in over half a century. the numbers are from july of last year. 49.2% of city residents
6:36 am
identified as black. 35.3% identified as white. and that's the highest percentage sense the 1960s. the census reports -- reports 40,000 black residents have left the district over the last 12 years. d.c. police are investigating a burglary at the georgetown home of supreme court justice steven breyer. they will only say it was a break-in that happened two weeks ago. a spoke man says no court related documents were taken in this. his housekeeper discovered the burglary. in early february, breyer and his wife and a guest were also robbed at their vacation home in the caribbean. jess? thank you mike. i am watching your money and also watching the facebook ipo this morning. shares will trade on the nasdaq for the first time today. they are expected to pop. but not everybody is convinced that facebook is changing the world as we know it. joining us now to talk facebook is marketing expert georgetown professor and author of the new
6:37 am
book "like economics" that's a long business card. the truth and debates often times lies in the middle. on one side this is the fort of social change in the world today. on the other side we have the new poll that came out this week that shows that half of americans think that nook is a fad. -- facebook is a fad. where do you stand on this debate? >> facebook is a utility for us, it's a thing we turn on in the morning and whether you're a social media convert or just somebody who logs on to facebook to see friends and families' photos it's something we've gotten use toed. it's a lot more than a fad. >> so it is part of our every day lives. and you know, there's been a lot of hype and enthusiasm about this ipo. you ask a really good question in your marketing blog. why should we care about this thing? why do we care? what's the answer? >> i think all of us have a personal relationship with facebook in some way. either we've actively chosen not to go on it in which case at least we have this
6:38 am
relationship and we've made that choice or we use its all the time. but we have some skin in the fame and the idea is because of that we care. >> you look at it like a public utility. tell us about that view. >> it's sort of become that because hey first of all it's free. and second of all, we sort of expected it to always be there. and you know a lot of ways it connects us with people who we don't really have any other connection to. i mean i guarantee you a lot of people out there have facebook friends that they don't have their phone numbers. they don't have their e-mail address. only them on facebook. it's sort of the only way to connect with certain people. >> facebook is going through the transition now from the start up culture to the public big company. how's that going to change the company? terms of what users can expect? >> i think there's a lot of discussion about how facebook monotizing. are they going to charge me? i think facebook has been really good in the past about being patient with what they do. i mean they roll out changes
6:39 am
but they take their time doing it and eventually people say this is great. i love it. there is nothing to panic about today. i think some changes might come up but i think that charging people to use facebook is pretty low on the list of things that we should expect. >> well we're going to have to leave it there with that good piece of news. not be charged for facebook use anytime soon. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we're going to be back shortly with more traffic and weather. keep it here. [ mechanical humming ]
6:40 am
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a good friday morning everybody. if you're planning to head out on the roads, here's all you need to know. we're going to start off with the southbound side of i-270 from our sky 9. looks good here around falls road. there had been a disabled truck up ahead but it doesn't look like it's been affecting traffic. actually it's been a nice morning here heading southbound on 270 a bit of slow traffic? jermantown. over to the maps in bowie an early morning serious three car
6:44 am
accident now being investigated. you will find the southbound side of route 197 closed off approaching route 50. you can go ahead and use route 3 as the alternate. northbound 197 is open. let's go back outside lye now right now the northbound side of i-95. look at that. rarely see this. it's great heading through springfield on to 395. and we'll end with a live mickture at the 14th street bridge. along 395 all your lanes are open as well. no issues to report heading into downtown. by the way in rosslyn, we had ankerly morning water main break. right now fort meyer drive only two lanes remain closed. and the rosslyn metro station is open. coming up in my next report, another look at area roads and 66 at 6:58. back to you guys. the bearer of glad tidings. here's howard bernstein. >> it's beautiful unless you're visiting your parents if
6:45 am
florida. it's chilly this morning. >> i was wondering where he was going with that. >> steve in cross junction says it's nice but my parents doctor r complaining it's too cold -- are complaining it's too cold. welcome to the region. it is a brisk morning in the region and we start with the bus stop forecast. a lot of sunshine out there. and it's going to be a fantastic day. so mom and dad just hang on for a few hour. we'll watch up it's going to be -- am up it's going to be -- warm up it's going to be nice. 40s and 50s right now. the sun is going to set about 8:15. lung time is going to be agreement the day planner, see if you can take them out tomorrow and eat outside. 71. northeast wind at about 10. by 4:00 74. highs today mid- to upper 70s in a couple of spots a really fine day. don't forget the sunscreen. this is the time of year you can burn really easily. the grass pollen very high yesterday. tree pollen and mold also high. 46 gaithersburg. 43 winchester. while it's 50 in easton. 57 the warm spot at the pax
6:46 am
river naval air station and cumberland only 41. look at the sunshine on the michael & son weather camera. winds northeast at 6 and the barometer continues the rise now at 30.15. high pressure is really going to keep us in a good place for the next couple of days. question is, does this area of low pressure down here off the carolina georgia coast, does this thing make it up to the delmarva by sunday or keep it at bay until monday? that's the only real weather question we've got. the forecast 76 today. back in the 40s and 50s tonight. upper 70s tomorrow a beautiful saturday. 80ish on sunday but a few clouds or maybe even a sprinkle east in the afternoon. preakness posttime tomorrow. 79 degrees going up there again, a hat, sunglasses and the sunscreen. we'll be 77 monday with some showers and chance of a couple of storms tuesday, wednesday and thursday. let's go back the mike and andrea. every year joint based andrews and prince george's county opens the doors and tens
6:47 am
of thousands of people come to visit. >> the fun begins today. joining us live from andrews is steve, he's a pilot with the geico sky typers. what is that steve? >> good morning. how you doing? >> we're doing great. >> what are the geico sky typers? >> oh i'm sorry. trouble hearing. actually, we're -- we do a formation flying demonstration here in the show. and we type large dot matrix message in the sky. >> oh wow. >> oh neat. >> now i saw you were on the schedule from 12:00 until noon. what kind of planes do you use to do that sky typing? >> well, we're -- we actually have a u.s. navy vintage 1940s vintage aircraft that we fly. the snj 2 which was a navy trainer for the second world war. the folks at geico sponsor us to bring these out and show them off a little bit to the public. >> are the messages you type a surprise or can you give us a
6:48 am
hint on what's going to be up there? [ laughter ] >> no, there's -- really, we're going to be typing geico of course. but we'll also be -- we'll also be typing messages in the sky to promote the air show this weekend. and i was just listening to your weather guy. it looks like it's going to be a fabulous weekend out here at andrews air force base. >> steve, tell us about the thrill you get performing in these air shows. i know you do it all around the country but especially this one where the military is being celebrated. >> well you know as -- as a pilot, of course we really enjoy the flying. and being out here to honor our veterans and share some of what we do with the guests here at andrews is really a thrill. we also enjoy meeting people you know geico has an exhibit that we sign autographs on -- autographed cards and posters at and we really enjoy meeting the folks that come out. we see young kids that are you
6:49 am
know amazed at the things fly and we get to -- we actually get to opportunity at times the meet veterans -- to meet veterans that actually trained in these aircraft and that's a really special bond we share with them. we really enjoy that. >> steve a pilot with geico sky typers, thank you for joining us, have a great weekend this weekend. >> hey, thanks for having me on. i really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. and just a reminder today is only for dod card holders and school groups. tomorrow and sunday everyone is invited. it's free. gates open at 8:00 each morning and they close at 5:00 each afternoon. you must park at the branch avenue metro station or at fedex field and there are free shuttles from both locations. it's time to answer the question of the morning. here's the question once again we've been telling you throughout the morning -- >> do you remember that guy who
6:50 am
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taking up to 30% off and offering free shipping only select styles, no coupon noded on this one. -- needed on this one. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. we'll check on the news before you go is next. achoo! nasal allergy symptoms like congestion, runny nose, itchy nose and sneezing can hit you year-round,
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welcome back. 6:54. today is friday, may 18th. here's a check of the news before you go. world leaders heading to frederick county, maryland this morning for the g-8 summit. schools in the county have been shut down adds a security precaution and protestors also set up more than a dozen miles away from downtown frederick. so far, this year, nearly five million passengers have passed through vwi thurgood marshall airports, that's nearly a 3% increase from the
6:55 am
same time last year. the sky is good, the pirates' andrew mckachina pair of home runs last night. d.c. falls to pittsburgh 5-3. nationals hosting the orioles tonight in the battle of the beltway. "cbs this morning" begins at the top of the hour. california governor brown talks about the $16 billion budget gap. >> before that we have one more check of traffic and weather. keep it right here on 9news now.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
welcome back. 6:58. your weather first. gorgeous weather today and tomorrow. and i think sunday too. although there's a slight chance a coastal storm sneaks in here late sunday instead of monday. but temperatures 7 today to 80 over the weekend. monika? we had a very business morning traffic wise but things
6:59 am
are much, much better. a live look from sky 9 on the inbound side of 66 to the beltway. outer loop just slow in silver spring, one last live look on the northbound side of i-95. jess? wall street looking higher but of course you know the thing everybody is looking out for today? >> greece? >> facebook ipo. so we'll watch that. >> all right, "cbs this morning" and we have been remembering donna summer and we're going to close with a little more donna summer music. >> have a great weekend. rest in peace donna. ♪ [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]


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